Transaction Tracking

Through the Terminal, users can monitor all staking-related transactions, including reward payouts. While these transactions may vary at a chain level, with some reward payouts not displayed as transactions. Additionally, users have the ability to download chain-specific transaction reports which cover all transactions from the day of stake.

Luganodes does not track all wallet transactions. Tracked addresses include ones which interact with Luganodes staking contracts on all chains.

Exporting Transactions

In the Terminal, users have the convenient option to export transactions to an Excel sheet, serving as a valuable tool for tax purposes. The exported report includes the following parameters:

  • Transaction Hash: Hash of the transaction on the block explorer.

  • Transaction Type: Encompassing all staking transactions, including stake, unstake, auto-compounding, and reward payouts.

  • Amount: Number of tokens associated with the transaction.

  • Timestamp: Timestamp of the transaction.

For your reference, a sample transaction is available for download below

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