Making staking easy for you

Luganodes Terminal, equipped with tailored custom indexers for each chain, grants users precise access to on-chain data. Our mission is to furnish users with actionable insights into portfolio performance. To achieve this, the Terminal is loaded with features for an intuitive client experience. The following features facilitate a consolidated view of staking statistics, portfolio distribution, network statistics, and reward metrics—all presented through a sleek user interface.

Monitor Multiple Assets

Track through a single user interface rather than shifting from one platform to another.


Gain real-time insights into your whole staking portfolio and see performance charts.

Asset Management

Access a detailed transaction history, balances, pending rewards covering staking, unstaking, and chain-specific transactions.

Custom Staking Theme

Toggle between light or dark modes to browse through your portfolio as you see fit.

Professional Charts

Explore and analyze assets with integrated technical analysis and calendar tools.

Help Centre

Learn how to navigate within the dashboard, fix a problem, and get assistance from our round the clock team.