Aptos is a standalone L1 blockchain aimed at realizing a secure and reliable blockchain for practical use. It leverages key components from the Diem project to create a robust and scalable blockchain, and employs the use of Move, a programming language developed by Meta that is written in Rust, to create accessible applications for a wide audience. The goal of Aptos is to become the safest and most production-ready blockchain in the world.

You can find the link to the block explorer below:

Staking Guide

Validator Address


Validator Address



Track Luganodes validator performance on the Aptos Dashboard here.

Staking Mechanics


Reward Frequency

Rewards are generated every ~2 hours (1 epoch)


Auto-compounding happens every epoch and the rewards generated are added to the stake amount


Currently slashing is not implemented in Aptos. Bad validator performance will lead to reduced rewards.

Stake Lockup

None. But rewards will be generated from the next epoch from the time of stake

Unbonding period

Users can unstake any time but will have to wait for the lockup period ~30 days (360 epochs) from the time of stake to move their funds

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