Stake on Luganodes public validators

Luganodes' Staking APIs simplify and streamline the integration of non-custodial staking functionalities for digital assets. By abstracting network-specific complexities behind an accessible API, staking Proof of Stake assets becomes a very simple procedure. This leads to API interactions being consistent and straightforward across multiple networks and action types.

Why use a Staking API? 🛠️

  • Using a Staking API eliminates the need for extensive research and engineering efforts for several involved procedures such as handling provisioning requests, keystore maintenance, and managing exit flows.

  • Developers can leverage our powerful Staking APIs' flows, actions, inputs, and payloads and reduce the time-to-market by a great margin.

With a focus on institutional staking, Luganode Staking APIs aim to provide practical solutions with increased operational speed and user satisfaction.Explore our Staking APIs and discover how you can start staking your digital assets with us today!

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