Cosmos Hub is an ecosystem of interconnected blockchains, known as the "internet of blockchains," that enables the exchange of digital assets and data using the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. Cosmos believes that interoperable blockchain technology will make the global economy more resilient, transparent, and efficient through decentralization and programmable value. Their vision is for the future economy to consist of millions of specialized blockchains that facilitate the exchange of both real-world and provably scarce digital assets.

You can find the link to the block explorer below:

Staking Guide

Validator Address


Operator Address



Luganodes validator performance can be tracked here.

Staking Mechanics


Reward Frequency

Rewards are generated every ~7.23 seconds (1 block)


Compounding needs to be done manually


Validator attesting two different blocks will be slashed and will be penalised 5% of their stake. They will be kicked from the active validator set as well

Stake Activation

Almost instant. Rewards are generated after 1 block (~7.23 seconds) from the time of stake

Unbonding Period

21 days. After unstaking, users can access the staked funds after 21 days

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