Getting Started

Setup your Terminal Account in a matter of seconds!

Navigate to Luganodes Terminal to follow along!

Create an Account

To embark on your Terminal experience, the first crucial step is creating an account. Choose between the traditional email registration or the streamlined Wallet Connect option, tailored to your preference.

Add your Addresses

After successfully registering and signing in, the address section facilitates the addition of addresses linked to token delegation to Luganodes. Our customers can harness the platform's unparalleled adaptability, enabling the inclusion of multiple addresses, with each earmarked for a specific chain. Feel free to add or remove addresses as per your preference.

If your stake with Luganodes still awaits activation, the Terminal temporarily restricts address additions. Our indexers may take a few hours to process and index addresses from users who have recently staked their tokens.

Explore the extensive array of features awaiting on the Luganodes Terminal! 👉

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