Track Rewards and Metrics with Transparency

Unlocking Insights for Enterprises

Enterprises, including venture capital firms, hedge funds, and banks, navigate the complex landscape of substantial investments. To fortify risk mitigation strategies, Luganodes introduces the Terminal—a sophisticated staking platform designed to provide centralized insights into portfolio performance.

Crafted with precision, the Terminal consolidates actionable insights for institutions, offering a unified perspective on their delegations. This capability is driven by Luganodes' proprietary in-house indexers, meticulously tailored for each blockchain. These custom indexers empower institutional clients with precise access to historical on-chain data, elevating their decision-making processes.

Comprehensive Support for Networks

The Terminal's robust indexers extend comprehensive support across a diverse range of blockchains. This ensures a broad spectrum of coverage for institutional clients, enhancing their ability to navigate the intricacies of blockchain investments. Currently, the Terminal indexers provide support for the following chains:

With the ability to add and keep track of multiple wallets, as well as monitor rewards and delegation, our indexers empower institutions with detailed insights and efficient management across these dynamic networks. Learn how you can get started with the Luganodes Terminal in 2 simple steps! 👉